Who made earbuds?

Earbuds are small speaker drivers that fit inside your ears like earplugs for your eardrums. Earbuds come with Apple devices such as iPods to make listening to music easier and better because of the sound quality they provide compared to other speakers. Still, there are also third-party earbud users who prefer using these kinds of headphones since they usually cost less than full-size headphones.

Some companies develop earbuds to have a lot of bass, but some earbud users prefer if their earbuds had a flat response so that they won't be biased when listening to different genres of music with a lot of highs and lows.

Who Made Earbuds?

Plantronics first invented earbuds. They made these headphones for people who would use cellphones and iPods, and the earbud was intended to fit inside the users' ears to hear better while talking on their phones or listening to music using their headphones.

After that, other companies also started making earbuds such as JVC, Sennheiser, V-Moda, Panasonic, AKG, and Sony. Plantronics dominated the market, but other brands soon caught up with them, which led them to drop out because it is hard to compete against big brands like Sennheiser and Sony in manufacturing electronics.

The fact that these small speakers easily fit inside your ears gave them another name, earplug headphones.

The following slides show types of earbuds you can buy online:

Types Of Earbuds

Earbuds come in different colors, too, depending on which brand or model it is. You need to know the type first before buying them because even though there are many brands out there, some offer better quality than others due to their higher price tag.

1) Earbuds Designed For Apple Devices

Earbuds designed for iPhones and iPods have a regular jack size of 3.5mm, the same size as the ones your smartphones use. Their cables are usually made from Kevlar to reduce tangling, but they can still tangle sometimes due to their pretty thin material. However, some companies have improved this type of earbud by using flat cables so users won't encounter problems with tangling even if it has a thin cable.

2) Earbuds With Microphonics Reduction Technology

These earphones come with microphonics reduction technology so you can listen to music without hearing any background noise or talking people around you say while waiting in line at the supermarket or ordering pizza. This is done by adding a miniature microphone on the cable that will record all outside sounds and then plays it back with an inverted phase so you can hear your music without background noise.

3) Earbuds With Active Noise Cancellation Technology

Products like these are great for staying focused when studying because they block out most of the noises around you, enabling you to study better since you won't be distracted by external noises. They also come with different earpieces, so users can choose whichever fits them depending on what activity they will do while wearing them, such as exercising, sitting down, or commuting long distances.

4) Earbuds For Small Ears

These types of headphones are designed for small ears, but they also come with a very lightweight construction which is one of the most important things this kind of headphones should have. Small earbuds usually come with foam buds, so users can hold them in their ears for extended periods without them falling out, and you won't feel any pain in your ears when wearing them and even forget that you're wearing them in the first place.

5) Earbuds For Big Ears

These types of earphones are made to be worn by people who don't like using the usual earbud design since it's too tight on their ears and starts hurting after a while. Some brands offer big earphones, such as RHA, which has customizable silicone rubber earpieces that make sure they fit users' ears perfectly and can't fall out while doing other things without the need to push them in their ears.

6) Earbuds With Noise Cancellation And Microphone

These earphones are made for people who tend to get distracted when listening to their music or watching a movie because there is too much noise around them, such as children crying, cars honking and even dogs barking. This type will cancel out all external noises using its microphone and speaker so users won't be disturbed By anything while wearing them. They also come with a microphone so you can take phone calls while listening to your favorite song on your earphones.

7) Earbuds That Block Out All Sounds

These types of earphones are meant for people who work in places where soundproof headphones are required. These headphones use active noise cancellation technology, which blocks all external noises so users can't hear anything but music when they're wearing them. Soundproof earbuds also come with an airplane adapter so you can use them during your long flights instead of turning on the airplane's speaker system or listening to music through your smartphone since it tends to get very annoying after a while trying to do these things continuously.

8) Earbuds For Running

Some brands offer different kinds of earphone accessories, just like Puma that offers sweat-resistant and waterproof earbuds that will withstand heavy sweating, rain, and even splashing water if you're doing sports outside and want to listen to music during your exercise. You can also buy earphones that come with a neckband so you won't lose them when working out since they will be attached to your neck and can be transported easily without compromising their quality.

9) Earbuds That Aren't Made Out Of Metal

This type of earphones looks like the usual earbud design. Still, it's made out of plastic instead of metal, so users who tend to sweat a lot, especially those who engage in sports activities where sweating is inevitable such as basketball, tennis, and even running/jogging, will welcome this new technology. Most brands are now making their brand new headphones made out of plastic since it's cheaper to manufacture than metal earphones, and they're also more durable since you can't break them easily.

10) Earbuds With A Microphone And Remote Control

This is the latest design of earphones that come with a design made out of plastic. However, they are still lightweight yet durable enough to withstand most physical activities such as folding them in half for storage purposes, putting them inside your bag/backpack, or even carrying them around without worrying that they will snap into two pieces. They also come with a microphone so you can answer phone calls using your voice while listening to music through your headphones at the same time.

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